by Bruce Randall and Sanjay Shamdasani

One year ago, Spring Studio joined BBVA in a mission to transform the business by prioritizing customer experience and elevating the role of digital. As we reach our one-year milestone, we would like to express a deep-felt appreciation for our team for taking this journey with us, and for our new colleagues at BBVA who have welcomed us so graciously.

In taking on this endeavor, we were always confident in the abilities of Spring Studio’s people and eager for the challenge. The team dove in headfirst, immersing themselves in all aspects of the bank, its markets, customers and products, as well as building relationships with our new colleagues at BBVA.

In partnering with the talented people at BBVA, we’ve been able to explore new ways of collaborating and expand our understanding of customers around the world. As with any worthwhile endeavor, there have been challenges, and we’ve watched everyone here show tenacity and agility in rising to meet them. We have learned a great deal, both professionally and personally, and have been fortunate to witness the same in the Spring Studio team.

We’re proud of the hard work and commitment Spring Studio has shown over the course of our first year and feel enormous gratitude toward our incredible team for their contributions. We’re looking forward to our continued growth and collaboration over the coming years.