by Robin Borelli

Here at Spring Studio, we aim to create digital solutions that surprise and delight our clients.  Since we’re a creative agency, we are always on the hunt for new ways to inspire our team.

While planning for the new year, we resolved that 2012 will be the year of diving headfirst into the unknown.  We’ll face the blank page without fear of writer’s block.  We’ll never worry the creative well will run dry.  We won’t ever suffer from a lack of inspiration.

But how do you ensure a never-ending supply of inspiration? The ancient Greeks believed that inspiration was delivered by Zeus’ nine daughters – The Muses.  These goddesses personified knowledge and the arts, and gifted creativity to humans.  The word inspiration at its core means “to breathe upon”.

Just talking about Muses was inspiring, and sparked someone to shout out  “Hey! Can’t we just buy a Muse to breathe on us?”.  Excellent planners that we are, we made our list:


Turns out finding a muse isn’t that easy.  In fact it’s down right impossible these days.

So on to plan 2.  We moved away from the Greeks, and over to the world of fairy tales.  After all, they’re always ensured a happy ending.  Once we learned that “enchantment” means “a sense of wonder and delight”, we knew we’d hit the mark. “Let’s find ourselves an enchanting princess!”, we cried!  This turned out to be incredibly easy.  All it took was a couple tiaras and a truckload of glitter, and we had our man…that’s right, MAN.

We’d like to introduce Spring Studio’s Director of Enchantment, but he’s incredibly shy.  So how about we just show you his office instead?  We think this is a wonderland befitting a very special princess.  We hope he does too!