by Julia Rubinic

Expressing Ourselves

Consider this blog to be the first of many ways we’re going to talk about what we love. UX, design, art, commerce, style, technology…we have a lot to tell you and we’ve been keeping too much of it to ourselves. Please check back here and follow us on Twitter at @springux.

Heading East

We’re proud to have made it in California, and now it’s time to do the same in New York. We have clients we want to spend more time with, talent we’re going to recruit and innovation we can’t wait to explore. And let’s face it…it’s not a bad place to spend more time doing business. (Can someone get us tickets to The Book of Mormon, please?)

Managing the Big Apple

You can’t have a NYC office without a NYC Managing Director, and we got ourselves one….accent and all. Julia Rubinic will be leading the East Coast office after having spent her career managing digital marketing at interactive agencies (R/GA, Organic) and global companies (Logitech). She’s also lived in 3 boroughs, has been to every NYC museum and knows the MTA code name for the 42nd street shuttle.

Enjoying the View

We love the view from our new office on Spear Street in San Francisco. Don’t believe us? Then check out the rest of our web site for photos. We REALLY love the view. We also love sharing the view with clients, preferably at sunset and ideally with a cocktail in hand. So please make a visit one of your resolutions and we’ll supply the rest.

Buying More Stuff

We’re doing more and more UX design across platforms and devices. This means we must continue to invest in more platforms and devices. Which also means more cool stuff for us to play with. This will not be a tough resolution to keep.

Doing Exceptional Work for Clients

Some call this resolution Doing Exceptional Work for Clients. Others call it a shameless marketing plug. We believe it’s the former. And we’re looking forward to a great year of continuing to bring everything we’ve got to create the best user experiences imaginable!